Airport Linemarkings in Australia

Posted on 27th Mar 2017

Airport linemarkings provide vital information to pilots during takeoff, landing and taxiing. These markings are crucial to the safety of aircraft and passengers so it is important they meet strict international standards. The nature of aviation means airport and airfield line markings need to be uniform and universally recognisable.

Runway Markings

Runway markings will vary depending on the type of operations carried out at theairport, however, most runways at major airports follow the same pattern. Broadly speaking, there are three types of runway markings - visual, non precision instrument and precision instrument. During takeoffs and landings, aircraft are affected by the wind, so runways are laid out according to the local prevailing winds. Runway designators will differentiate between parallel runways (left, right & centre). Other runway markings include runway centreline markings, runway aiming point markings, runway touchdown zone markers, runway side stripe marking, runway shoulder markings and runway threshold markings.

Why Choose Airport Linemarking?

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