Facial Recognition at Airports Just Around the Corner

Mar 27, 2019News

Facial recognition at airports has long been discussed, and earlier this year, the technology was finally introduced into Las Angeles Airport on a trial basis. Facial recognition at LAX – known for its strict border checks and long immigration queues – aims to help speed up border checks and improve the experience of passengers.

But will we see facial recognition expand into other airports?



There’s no question that airport security is essential. Most of us accept it as part of modern travel. However, as more checks take place and more people are travelling, waiting times are increasing alongside passenger irritation.


But with air traffic forecast to reach 7.8 billion passengers by 2036, putting together a fast and efficient service while maintaining security at border checks is no easy task for an airport, especially those that deal with millions of passengers every year.

And this is where facial recognition technology comes in.



During the trial passengers travelling internationally were able to fly without a boarding pass. Instead of a boarding pass, a machine scanned passenger’s faces at the boarding gate which would be quickly matched with a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) database.

Although the technology is still new, there are hopes it can be introduced into other airports and at different touch points within the airport.  For example. At baggage drop and duty-free shops.

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