Prix Versailles Airport Finalists 2021

Sep 6, 2021News

The annual Prix Versailles is a set of architecture and design awards given by the French-based World Prix Versailles Organization. Each year, 24 finalists are chosen to compete in the Prix Versailles World Finale from the following categories: 

  • Six Airports
  • Six University Campuses
  • Six Passenger Stations
  • Six Sports Facilities

These 24 finalists, chosen from hundreds of projects around the world, will join the European winners of the following categories

  • Shops & Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels and Restaurants 

The winners of these categories will be announced this month.

Prix Versailles Airport Finalists 2021

The Prix Versailles awards recognise architecture that fosters a better interaction between economy and culture. Other qualities held in high regard include:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Reflection of local, natural and cultural heritage
  • Ecological efficiency
  • Values of social interaction

The 2021 finalists for the airport category include:

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport 
  • Athens International Airport, South Wing 
  • Hazrat Sultan International Airport 
  • New Plymouth Airport 
  • Clark International Airport 
  • LaGuardia Airport, Terminal B 

Can you spot the odd one out?!

Tiny New Plymouth Airport A Surprise Finalist

A tiny regional airport in New Zealand competing against Laguardia Airport in New York? Why not? 

Opening in June 2021, the new $29 million airport terminal in New Plymouth – a town on the west side of the North Island with a population of 85,000 – was designed to reflect the culture of the local hapū Puketapu.

“The experience at Te Hono provided a blueprint for working with tāngata whenua [people of the land].”

Campbell Craig

Architect and associate for design, Beca

Campbell Craig added that it would be an approach embedded into all of their future projects.

The world winners will be unveiled and celebrated in late November or early December 2021.

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